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With Zena Walker, Jane How and John Michie in Easy Virtue As Abanazar in 'Aladdin' With Doug Bradley in Clive Barker's 'Frankenstein In Love'
John Elnaugh The Hanged Man The Importance of Being Earnest
With Kay Woodman in 'The Mousetrap' John Elnaugh With HRH Prince Edward at The Mousetrap
With Laura McFall in 'Outside Edge' With Dermot Walsh in 'A Murder is Announced' In 'Triple Dick'
In 'The Secret Life of Cartoons' In 'Boy Scouts, Girl Guides With Steven Harrold in 'The Return of the Pied Piper
With Matthew Warburton in 'Outside Edge' John Elnaugh In 'Boy Scouts, Girl Guides
In 'That Samba Thing' With Rosie Pattison in 'The Ghost' In 'The Death Of Margaret Thatcher'
The British Premiere of Frederike Roth's 'Piano Play' With Tristan Bernays in 'David Copperfield' John Elnaugh
Esther Freud in 'Piano Play'  
John Elnaugh 'The Mousetrap' 50th Anniversary Cast Reunion John Elnaugh (Design By Fabian Cortez)
John Elnaugh Photograph of John Elnaugh by Marie Schuller John Elnaugh
With Robin Davies, Chris Barnes and Terry Taplin in 'The Last Of The Mohicans' As Sherlock Holmes in 'The Baskerville Beast' The drunken Hesketh Conley in the British Premiere of Jeremy Swan's 'Sudden Deaths'.With Sarah Grove.(Design by Fabian Cortez)
John Elnaugh John Elnaugh John Elnaugh
In 'California Suite' John Elnaugh In 'Local Story'
'Pygmalion' with Melisa Ramadan John Elnaugh 'Pygmalion' with Melisa Ramadan and Christopher Peacock
Mysargyrides in 'The Ghost' by Plautus 'Gaslight' in Lyme Regis 'Worm's Eye View', Sidmouth
Laertes in John Elnaugh 'Sinbad The Sailor'